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Successfully Handling Different Commercial Construction Projects Since 2001

Over the years, EPOC Construction Inc has been successfully helping meet client's construction goals. The client list varies from churches and office warehouses to more.

"One church we worked with was New Hope Baptist, a church in Hampton," says Bingman. The job had been designed by an architect and had come in over budget.

"Someone recommended us as being an economical builder that does good work," Bingman says. "We took the architect's plans and modified them and brought the church back into the budget. The square footage remained the same, the look of the building was very, very similar but we found areas where we saved money and were able to meet the owner's budget."

Bingman notes EPOC Construction Inc also does a lot of work with office warehouses. BWI, a company in the Copeland Industrial Park in Hampton, started off with an addition to their building, but the project soon grew.

"The addition looked so nice, it made the rest of the building appear less attractive, so they decided to give the exterior a facelift," Bingman says, "That turned out so well, BWI then decided to expand and update their interior office spaces. That's the way projects evolve, sometimes."

Of note: the company does no advertising, and much of the work has either been referred from a former client or is a former customer coming back for additional work.
"I am 99 percent positive that all of our clients would use us again," Bingman says. "At the end of the day, our clients are happy with the finished product."

"A lot of people want to show huge projects, and that's great but there is something to be said about the little guy, too," says Bingman. "Not every project is going to be award-winning, but bottom-line people want something that is attractive, affordable and something they can be proud of.

"A building has to meet the client's needs and budget - the goal is to blend these two together. That is what we at EPOC Construction Inc strive to achieve for our clients. We offer them Endless Possibilities of Construction."

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We ranked #66 out of the top 100 metal building contractors in the nation.
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Testimonials From Our Happy Clients

"I owned a three bay auto shop that was built in the late 1960’s. Prior to the renovation project, we were a nondescript auto repair shop, like most others in our area. EPOC Construction was chosen to transform the exterior of my building and add two additional bays. The original project bid came in over budget and EPOC was able to provide Value Engineering suggestions/changes to meet our budget and still keep the size and look we wanted. Since the new façade, Auto Tech now stands out on our busy highway. We have had several new customers tell us they previously passed by every day and never really noticed us. Since this makeover, our business has increased by at least one third from our normal business volume. The entire building renovation has become the bench mark for other businesses looking to renovate, remodel, or add on to their existing buildings. When local business owners inquire about our project, we are pleased to refer EPOC Construction to them!"

Mark L. White

"If you are looking for a commercial builder that is honest, dedicated to excellence, efficient and budget conscious, Ken Bingman and EPOC construction needs to be your choice. Not only are they great to work with, but for every construction project, they have finished the job on time and on or below budget. We wouldn’t use anyone else!"  

Thomas W. Clark, MS, MD, FACS, Owner, Center for Weight Loss Success, Newport News, VA.

Press Releases About EPOC Construction

Varco Pruden had nothing but good things to say about us and the services we provide in a press release about Virginia Auto Repair Shop. You can read the entire article here

Here's another article from Tidewater Orthopaedics on an outstanding job we did once again for them.

We've also been recognized by Varco Pruden in the National Hall of Fame Competition for our work with Kniest Shops.
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